Detection of Cancer Mutations by Urine Liquid Biopsy in Bladder Cancer Patients

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EGAS00001005758 Other

Study Description

The management of bladder cancer faces multiple challenges concerning the diagnostics and fol-low-up approaches. The standard diagnostic test is invasive cystoscopy. Urine cytology and re-cently proposed urine-based biomarkers still could not replace cystoscopy, thus prompting calls for improvements. Here, we explore urine liquid biopsy to detect cancer mutations for therapeutic and prognostic assessment and subsequently evaluate the utility of urine as a suitable specimen in diagnosing bladder cancer. Our findings show that the analysis of pre-and post-operative urine enables the characterization of specific tumor mutations, which can be used to diagnose and evaluate a patient’s prognosis and therapy response.

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Set of FASTQ sequences generated from Urine Liquid Biopsy in 12 Bladder Cancer Patients using the IDT PanCancer Panel, Illumina Nextera Flex for Enrichment libraries (aka DNA Prep libraries) and Illumina NovaSeq 2x150bp sequencing.
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 22

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