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Sequencing of an organoid biobank for childhood soft tissue sarcoma.

Rhabdomyosarcomas are diverse tumors of mesenchymal origin and the most common childhood soft tissue sarcoma. Patients receive intense treatment with a nevertheless poor prognosis for high-risk patients. New therapy would benefit from additional preclinical models and their rapid establishment. Tumor organoid models (tumoroids) have so far only been established from epithelial cancers. Here, we describe generation and characterization of a collection of pediatric RMS tumoroids comprising all major subtypes.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001008466 -
EGAD00001008467 -
EGAD00001009002 NextSeq 500 2
EGAD00001011378 1
Publications Citations
Mesenchymal tumor organoid models recapitulate rhabdomyosarcoma subtypes.
EMBO Mol Med 14: 2022 e16001