Human induced pluripotent stem cells display a similar mutation burden as embryonic pluripotent cells in vivo

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Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) hold great promise for regenerative medicine, but genetic instability is a major concern. Embryonic pluripotent cells also accumulate mutations during early development, but how this relates to the mutation burden in iPSCs remains unknown. Here, we directly compared the mutation burden of cultured iPSCs with their isogenic embryonic cells during human embryogenesis. We generated developmental lineage trees of human fetuses by phylogenetic inference from somatic mutations in the genomes of multiple stem cells, which were derived from different germ layers. Using this approach, we characterized the mutations acquired pre-gastrulation and found a rate of 1.65 mutations per cell division. When cultured in hypoxic conditions, iPSCs generated from fetal stem cells of the assessed fetuses displayed a similar mutation rate and spectrum. Our results show that iPSCs maintain a genomic integrity during culture at a similar degree as their pluripotent counterparts do in vivo.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
This dataset includes RNAseq data of the fetal ISCs and iPSCs derived of the fetal ISCs to confirm successful reprogramming
unspecified 6
this data set includes deep targeted re-sequencing of fetal bulk tissues of the 4 foetuses (T21=2, D21=2). The tissues include: fetal skin and intestinal organoid cultures passage 0 of all 4 fetuses, and spleen of fetus N01 (T21)
NextSeq 500 9
This data set includes WGS data of the in vivo acquired mutations in fetal ISCs and HSPCs of 4 foetuses ( T21=2, D21= 2). In addition, this data set includes sub-clonal fetal ISCs to determine the culture-associated mutations of fetal ISCs. Also, it concludes clone +subclone WGS data of iPSCs derived of the fetal ISCs
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 47

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