Human genome-wide variations in the Massim region

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Study Description

The Massim, a cultural region encompassing the southeastern tip of mainland Papua New Guinea (PNG) and nearby islands, is famous for the Kula trading network, in which different valuables circulate in different directions among the islands. To explore Massim genetic history, we generated genome-wide data from across the region and found variable levels of Papuan-related (indigenous) ancestry, including a novel ancestry associated with Rossel Island, and Austronesian-related ancestry that arrived later. We find genetic evidence for different patterns of contact across PNG, the Massim, and the Bismarck and Solomon Archipelagoes for Austronesian-related vs. Papuan-related ancestry, with more geographic restriction for the latter. Moreover, Kula-practicing groups share more genetic similarity than do other groups, and this likely predates the origin of Kula, suggesting that high between-group contact facilitated the formation of Kula. Our study provides the first comprehensive genome-wide assessment of Massim inhabitants and new insights into the fascinating Kula system.

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The compressed file contains plink format file for the Illumina MEGA SNP array data of 255 individuals generated and analyzed in Liu et al study of genom-wide variation of the Massim region.

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