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Disease specific alterations in the olfactory mucosa of patients with Alzheimer’s disease

OOlfactory dysfunction manifests early in several neurodegenerative disorders. Olfaction is orchestrated by olfactory mucosal cells located in the upper nasal cavity. However, it is unclear how this tissue reflects key neurodegenerative features in Alzheimer’s disease. Here we report that Alzheimer´s disease olfactory mucosal cells secrete toxic amyloid-beta. We detail cell-type-specific gene expression patterns, unveiling 147 differentially expressed disease-associated genes compared to the cognitively healthy controls, and 5 distinct populations in globose basal cell -, myofibroblast-, and fibroblast/ stromal – like cells in vitro. Overall, coordinated alteration of RNA and protein metabolism, inflammatory processes and signal transduction were observed in multiple cell populations, suggesting a key role in pathophysiology. Our results demonstrate the potential of olfactory cell cultures in modelling Alzheimer´s disease. Moreover, for the first time we provide single cell data on olfactory mucosa in Alzheimer´s disease for investigating molecular and cellular mechanisms associated with the disease.

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EGAD00001008560 1
Publications Citations
Single-Cell RNA-Seq Analysis of Olfactory Mucosal Cells of Alzheimer's Disease Patients.
Cells 11: 2022 676