High-throughput telomere length measurement at nucleotide resolution using the PacBio high fidelity sequencing platform

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Telomeres are specialized nucleoprotein structures at the ends of linear chromosomes that are essential for the stability as well as the complete replication of the human genome. The progressive shortening of steady-state telomere length in normal human somatic cells is a promising biomarker for age-associated diseases. However, there remain substantial challenges in quantifying telomere length in clinics and research laboratories due to the lack of accurate and high-throughput telomere length measurement method. Here, we describe a novel workflow to capture and analyze telomeres accurately at the single-nucleotide resolution. By using newly designed telobaits that are complementary to the single-stranded G-rich 3’ telomeric overhangs, we can specifically and efficiently capture full-length telomeres and subject them to single-molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing. We show that the telomere length can be measured at nucleotide resolution using the PacBio high fidelity (HiFi) sequencing platform, which provides the necessary accuracy and throughput to uncover the steady-state ... (Show More)

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PacBio HiFi sequencing was performed on 48 barcoded patients' genomic DNA after a telobait-capture protocol to enrich for telomeric regions. The sequencing reads of each patient were de-multiplexed and presented as patient-specific PacBio CCS BAM files.
Sequel 48

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