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Stage-specific gene and transcript dynamics in human male germ cells

The testis is one of the most transcriptionallyactive organs, however how germ cell differentiation is controlled at the molecular level remains largely unknown. To study global transcriptional dynamics during human spermatogenesis we sequenced total RNA of human testicular biopsies with 5 specific histological phenotypes: Sertoli cell-only (SCO, n=3), spermatogenic arrests at the spermatogonial (SPG, n=4), spermatocyte (SPC, n=3), and spermatid (SPD, n=3) level, as well as normal spermatogenesis (Normal, n=3). To our knowledge, this work provides the most complete capture of the transcriptome and its dynamics during human spermatogenesis to date.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001008652 NextSeq 500 16
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