RNA-sequencing of mechanical stress induced osteoarthritis-like damage in aged human cartilage explants treated with the anti-deiodinase iopanoic acid

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Study Description

The current study aimed to confirm chondroprotective effects of the D2 inhibitor iopanoic acid (IOP) in an ex vivo aged human osteochondral explant model in which injurious mechanical stress is applied to inflict OA-like damage. This dataset contains RNA-seq (Illumina HiSeq X ten) of osteochondral explant cartilage from aged human patients that underwent a joint replacement surgery due to OA (N=10 donors; n=21 explants).

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Osteochondral explants were obtained from knee joints (n=17 explants) from the RAAK study. Paired-end 2x150 bp RNA sequencing (Illumina TruSeq mRNA Library Prep Kit, Illumina HiSeq X) was performed.
HiSeq X Ten 17

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