Discovery of a highly widespread bacteriophage family and its associations to metabolic syndrome gut microbiomes

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There is significant interest in altering the course of cardiometabolic disease development via the gut microbiome. Nevertheless, the highly abundant phage members of the complex gut ecosystem -which impact gut bacteria- remain understudied. Here, we characterized gut virome changes associated with metabolic syndrome (MetS), a highly prevalent clinical condition preceding cardiometabolic disease, in 196 participants with a combination of whole genome shotgun and virus like particle sequencing. MetS gut virome populations exhibited decreased richness and diversity, but larger inter-individual variation. These populations were enriched in phages infecting Bacteroidaceae and depleted in those infecting Ruminococcaeae. Differential abundance analysis identified eighteen viral clusters (VCs) as significantly associated with either MetS or healthy viromes. Among these are a MetS-associated Roseburia VC that is related to healthy control-associated Faecalibacterium and Oscillibacter VCs. Further analysis of these VCs revealed the Candidatus Heliusviridae, a highly widespread gut phage ... (Show More)

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The dataset contains fecal WGS samples of 196 participants to the HELIUS study, as well as VLP filtrate sequencing for a subset of 48 participants.
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 244

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