Childhood Cancer Model Atlas

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EGAS00001006320 Other

Study Description

we establish a single-site collection of 243 cell lines, including 207 paediatric cancer cell lines representing 14 distinct extracranial and brain childhood tumour types. We subjected 164 paediatric cancer cell lines to multi-omic analyses across three dimensions (DNA-sequencing, RNA-sequencing, DNA methylation) to classify them based on clinically relevant molecular subtypes.

Study Datasets 4 datasets.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
This dataset has the processed WGS data for the cancer models in CCMA.
This dataset has the raw RNA sequencing data for the cancer models in CCMA.
unspecified 184
This dataset has the mapped bam files from WGS for the cancer models in CCMA.
unspecified 146
Paediatric tumour cell models DNA methylation EPIC array
EPIC 151

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