molecular profiles of serum-derived extracellular vesicles in high-grade serous ovarian cancer

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Study Description

Patients with high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSC) who have no visible residual disease (R0) after primary surgery have the best clinical outcomes, followed by patients who undergo neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) and have response enabling interval cytoreductive surgery. Clinically useful predictive biomarkers for such distinctions are still lacking. Extracellular vesicles (EVs) have been recognized as liquid biopsy-based biomarkers for early cancer detection and disease surveillance in other disease settings. In this study, we performed extensive molecular characterization of serum-derived EVs and correlated them with therapeutic outcomes in patients with HGSC.

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Ovarian cancer EV RNA-seq
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 24
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 24

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