Genomic analysis and evolutionary modeling of breast and larynx cancer, based on specimens from Polish population

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We explore the genomic characteristics of the original dataset of breast and larynx cancer specimens of several cell types from the collection of the Department of Applied Radiology of the Maria Sklodowska-Curie National Research Institute of Oncology, Krakow (Poland) Branch and Institute of Human Genetics Polish Academy of Sciences. DNA from paired tissue samples from primary tumor locations and concurrent metastasis to regional lymph nodes was sequenced and matched to controls. A range of genomic analyses was carried out, such as estimation of variant allele frequencies (VAF) and copy number variation (CNV). They show that subsets of variants from primary tumors are present in metastatic lymph nodes and that the CNV pattern is similar, but not identical to that known in the literature. In addition to that, we fit the VAF data to theoretical site frequency spectra predicted by multiple models found in the literature. Analysis suggests existence of secondary advantageous subclones arising on the clonal background as well as of a number of neutral or slightly deleterious passenger ... (Show More)

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The dataset is based on 37 FFPE samples obtained from 12 patients diagnosed with breast or larynx cancer, For each patient 3 sample types were obtained P - primary tumor, L - malignant lymph node and C - benign lymph node (control). For patient G46 two malignant lymph nodes were used. DNA isolated from all samples was subject to exome selection using Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon V7. The obtained material was sequenced using NovaSeq 6000 platform with 2x150 reads. The sequencing was ... (Show More)
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