A catalog of the genetic causes of Hereditary Angioedema in the Canary Islands (Spain)

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Hereditary angioedema (HAE) is a rare disease where known causes involve C1 inhibitor dysfunction or dysregulation of the kinin cascade. The updated HAE management guidelines recommend performing genetic tests to reach a precise diagnosis. Unfortunately, genetic tests are still uncommon in the diagnosis routine. Here, we characterized for the first time the genetic causes of HAE in affected families from the Canary Islands (Spain). Whole-exome sequencing data was obtained from 41 affected patients and unaffected relatives from 29 unrelated families identified in the archipelago. The Hereditary Angioedema Database Annotation (HADA) tool was used for pathogenicity classification and causal variant prioritization among the genes known to cause HAE. Manual reclassification of prioritized variants was used in those families lacking known causal variants. We detected a total of eight different variants causing HAE in this patient series, affecting essentially SERPING1 and F12 genes, one of them being a novel SERPING1 variant (c.686-12A>G) with a predicted splicing effect which was ... (Show More)

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Small variants in HAE of several Canary Islanders sequenced with Illumina WES.

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