Identification of neoantigen from MSI-CRC patient derived organoids and its application for targeting by autologous T cells

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Study Description

Targeting neoantigens expressed only by tumor cells enable tumor destruction without unexpected damages to healthy tissues. Here, we identified neoantigens from microsatellite instable (MSI) colorectal cancer (CRC) patient-derived organoids by genomics and immunopeptidomics approches. The neoantigens in this study were predicted from frame-shift mutation by whole-genome sequencing and confirmed its presentation on organoids surface class I HLA molecules by mass spectrometry. We utilized these neoantigens to isolate neoantigen-specific CD8 T cells from autologous PBMC, and proved tumor organoids killing ability of the CD8 T cells, whereas it did not attack normal organoids. This study provides a platform to identify neoantigen from patient-derived cancer organoids and a model to validate T cell recognition, which could be useful for adoptive CD8 T cell transfer treatment for MSI-CRC patient.

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Contains 4 clonal organoid samples + 1 bulk healthy tissue sample
HiSeq X Ten 5

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