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Gene copy number variation in pediatric mental illness in a general population

We assessed the relationship of gene copy number variation (CNV) in mental health/neurodevelopmental traits and diagnoses, physical health, and cognitive biomarkers in a community sample of 7,100 unrelated European, and East Asian children and youth (Spit for Science). Diagnoses of mental health disorders were found in 17.5% of participants and 27.6% scored in the highest 10% on either or both ADHD and OCD trait measures. Clinically relevant CNVs were present in 3.9% of participants and were associated with elevated scores on a continuous measure of ADHD (p=5.0×10-3), on a cognitive biomarker of mental health (response inhibition (p=1.0×10-2)), and on prevalence of mental disorders (p=1.9×10-6, odds ratio: 3.09). With a rise of mental illness, our data establishes a baseline for delineating genetic contributors in paediatric-onset conditions.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00010002374 Global Screening Array 1880
EGAD00010002375 HumanCoreExome 3295