scRNA-seq of patient-derived PDAC organoids and matched CAFs

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EGAS00001006661 Other

Study Description

We established direct three-dimensional (3D) co-cultures of primary PDAC organoids and patient-matched CAFs. Single-cell RNA sequencing was performed for three organoid/CAF pairs in mono- and co-culture to uncover transcriptional changes induced by tumor-stroma interaction. Single-cell RNA sequencing data evidenced induction of a pro-inflammatory phenotype in CAFs in co-cultures. Organoids showed increased expression of genes associated with epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in co-cultures and several potential receptor-ligand interactions related to EMT were identified, supporting a key role of CAF-driven induction of EMT in PDAC chemoresistance.

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scRNA-seq of monocultures and co-cultures of patient-derived PDAC organoids and matched CAFs. 3 sample sets per patient.
NextSeq 500 9

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