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Genomic and ecologic characteristics of the airway microbial-mucosal complex

Lung diseases due to infection and dysbiosis affect hundreds of millions of people world-wide. Microbial communities at the airway mucosal barrier are conserved and highly ordered, reflecting symbiosis and co-evolution with human host factors. We show here the results of the first systematic culture and whole-genome sequencing of the principal airway bacterial species. We match the gene content of bacterial isolates to human transcripts and metabolites expressed late in airway epithelial differentiation, identifying pathways that can sustain host interactions with the microbiota. Our results provide a systematic basis for decrypting interactions between commensals, pathogens, and mucosal immunity in lung diseases of global significance.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00010002377 Affymetrix Genetitan 19
Publications Citations
Genomic attributes of airway commensal bacteria and mucosa.
Commun Biol 7: 2024 171