Single-cell atlas of multiple myeloma and precursor diseases

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Single cell profiling of small cohorts of myeloma precursor disease patient samples including monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance and smoldering multiple myeloma have shown diverse evolutionary patterns and immune changes that occur early in the disease process. Using scRNAseq and scBCRseq in a large cohort of fifty-three patients with myeloma precursor disease in comparison with myeloma and normal donors we describe the early genomic drivers of malignant transformation and describe their divergent clonal expansion in hyperdiploid compared to non-hyperdiploid samples. We describe intra-patient heterogeneity with potential therapeutic implications as well as the distinct evolution patterns (linear/branching) from myeloma precursor disease to myeloma. Finally, we describe the unique adaptations of the microenvironment as a response to distinct genomic changes in myeloma cells. These results further our knowledge to characterize myeloma precursor disease evolution, inform individual patient progression risk stratification and identify potential biomarkers that could be ... (Show More)

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bam files of sc-RNA and sc-BCR sequencing of multiple myeloma and precursors from 65 samples
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 65

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