A single-cell transcriptional gradient in human cutaneous memory T cells restricts Th17/Tc17 identity

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We identified a gradated transcriptional program of coordinately regulated inflammation-suppressive genes in psoriatic resident memory T cells. This dataset includes bulk RNA-seq for CRISPR-based deactivation of two core components of this inflammation-suppressive program, ZFP36L2 and ZFP36, in human PBMCs. It also includes scRNA-seq of cutaneous immune cells from psoriasis patients before and during therapeutic IL-23 blockade.

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There are two datasets: 1. scRNA-seq of human cutaneous immune cells from psoriasis patients. These include pre- and post-Tildrakizumab treated patients and come in a BAM file format. 19006FL-25-01 19006FL-38-01 19006FL-32-01-03 19006FL-33-01 19006FL-28-01-05 19006FL-35-01-01 2. RNA-seq of ZFP36L2 CRISPIR deleted Human T cells are FASTQ ... (Show More)
Illumina HiSeq 4000,Illumina NovaSeq 6000 17

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