Leukemia sequencing study

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Study Description

A custom single-cell amplicon DNA sequencing panel was designed to cover relevant somatic mutations and common single nucleotide polymorphisms (panel CO303). Frozen bone marrow mononuclear cells were thawed, stained using the antibody-derived tags panel TotalSeq™-D Human Heme Oncology Cocktail, V1.0 (Biolegend) and loaded into Tapestri single-cell DNA genotyping platform (Mission Bio) to perform microfluidic encapsulation, lysis, and barcoding according to the manufacturer’s protocol (Chemistry V2, PN_3360A). DNA and ADT libraries were prepared and underwent 2x150bp paired-end sequencing on a NextSeq 500 platform (Illumina).

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This dataset includes the Fastq files from sequencing data generate from diagnostic and remission bone marrow mononuclear cell samples using the Mission Bio Tapestri Plateform with both DNA amplicons and protein from antibody-derived tags sequencing libraries.
NextSeq 550 7

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