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Profiling of childhood neuroblastoma and the immune microenvironment by single-cell sequencing of RNA and TCR

Neuroblastoma tumor cells and their tumor microenvironment are studied by single-cell RNA sequencing of primary neuroblastoma tumors and neuroblastoma-infiltrated tissues/metastases. Both diagnostic samples, taken pre-treatment and samples taken after induction chemotherapy at surgical resection and biopsies from relapse samples are included.  For a number of patients single-cell RNA sequencing of blood samples (controls) are included and additionally we performed single-cell T cell receptor sequencing (TCR) on the tumor and blood samples. With this study, we will focus on identifying differences in tumor cells and their (immune) microenvironment 1) before and after treatment or at relapse and 2) between primary tumors and infiltrated tissues/metastases. Moreover, with TCR sequencing we aim to unveil immune cell dynamics in patients with neuroblastoma.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001009766 NextSeq 500 24