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Hepatoblastoma (HB) cells display strong phenotypic heterogeneity with a major impact on drug response, but the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Here, we use a single-cell multi-omic strategy to unravel the molecular determinants of this plasticity. HB display a continuum of single-cell states between hepatocytic (scH), liver progenitor (scLP) and mesenchymal (scM) differentiation poles, with an intermediate scH/LP population bordering scLP and scH areas in spatial transcriptomics. Chromatin accessibility landscapes reveal the gene regulatory networks of each differentiation pole, and the sequence of transcription factor activation underlying cell state transitions. Single-cell mapping of somatic alterations reveals the clonal architecture of each tumor, showing that each genetic subclone displays its own range of cellular plasticity across differentiation poles. The most scLP subclones, overexpressing stem cell and DNA repair genes, proliferate faster after neo-adjuvant chemotherapy. These results highlight how the interplay of clonal evolution and epigenetic plasticity ... (Show More)

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