Isala Citizen Science Project: Cross-sectional branch

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Study Description

The Isala Citizen Science Project, is named after the first female doctor in Belgium, Isala Van Diest (1842-1916). In a co-creative way, volunteers provided samples and data, proposed research objectives and survey questions, and helped to disseminate and interpret the objectives and results through different media platforms, jointly breaking taboos on women’s and vaginal health. In Flow 1, we collected a single sample from a cross-section of the population, characterized the microbiome, and associated it with data collected in questionnaires. Here, we provide extensive sample meta-data for over 3000 women who completed questionnaires on their lifestyle, diet, health, contraceptive use and environment.

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This meta data contains extensive meta data from the cross sectional flow of the Isala Citizen Science project. The meta data file contains ENA Accession numbers for 16S Microbiome data, and cleaned responses to questionnaires.

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