Multiomic Sequencing of Paired Primary and Metastatic Small Bowel Carcinoids

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Small bowel carcinoids are insidious tumors that often have metastatic spread at the time of diagnosis. Limited studies on the mutational landscape of carcinoids indicate that the tumors have a relatively low mutational burden. Loss of chromosome 18q and loss of CDKN1B have been reported in a minority of tumors. The development of targeted therapies will depend upon the identification of mutations that drive the pathogenesis and metastasis of carcinoid tumors.

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This dataset includes trios of germline/constitutional, primary tumor (small bowel carcinoid), and metastatic tumor (liver) trios for 5 patients (i.e. 15 samples total). Constitutional, primary tumor, and metastatic tumor samples all underwent whole exome sequencing (WES or WXS). Primary and metastatic tumor samples underwent RNA sequencing (RNA-seq).

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