Cachexia - Non-Cachexia Metagenome Analysis

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EGAS00001007156 Other

Study Description

Cancer cachexia has been linked to gut bacterial alterations, but alterations of gut viruses, mostly bacteriophages, have not yet been explored. We performed shotgun metagenomic sequencing of DNA from stool samples of 78 cachectic and 42 non-cachectic cancer patients. K-mer-based matching to reference databases revealed abundance variations of bacteria and viruses. Beyond bacterial alterations, cachectic patients exhibited significantly lower bacteriophage abundance, predominantly affecting Caudovirales and Siphoviridae species (double-stranded DNA) but also Inoviridae and Microviridae families (single-stranded DNA).

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
120 samples of cachectic and non cachectic. 240 Fastq files from Illumina metagenomic shothun paired End Sequencing
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 1

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