Digital tEchnology For Lung Cancer Treatment

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Study Description

The aim of the DEFLeCT project (Digital tEchnology For Lung Cancer Treatment) is to generate a technological platform for precision medicine in order to set predictive personalised algorithms for patient diagnosis and therapy. All resectable patients having histologically confirmed stage IB-IIIA non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC) will be enrolled in the PROMOLE study, a related and ongoing observational prospective clinical study, for tissue sampling. A large biobank of lung cancer samples and the corresponding healthy tissues and biological components (ie, blood, stools, etc.) with complete clinical, pathological and molecular information will be collected. The project will lay the basis of a knowledge hub and qualified technology aimed not only at answering the medical and scientific community's questions, but also meant to be useful to individual patients by predicting the response to adjuvant and second-line drugs in case of relapse of the disease.

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DEFLeCT metadata: 1) A table containing the mutational profile for all human genes across the cohort of the 81 PROMOLE lung cancer samples. 2) A table containing the expression levels for all human genes across the cohort of the 81 PROMOLE lung cancer samples. 3) A table containing the clinical, histology data and follow-ups of the cohort of 81 PROMOLE lung cancer patients.

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