International Multi-Center ADHD Genetics Project

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phs000016 Parent-Offspring Trios

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The goal of the project is to complete a 600,000 tag SNP genome-wide association scan of 958 parent-child trios from the International Multisite ADHD Genetics (IMAGE) project, in order to assess the association of SNP markers with ADHD, analyze quantitative ADHD phenotypes, complete copy number analyses, assess parent of origin effects and season of birth effects, and test for epistasis among apparently uncorrelated genes.

Acquiring DNA Samples
All consent forms stipulate that the samples can only be used by researchers who have been approved by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), National Institutes of Health. All consent forms, except those used at the Zürich site (N=141 subjects), explicitly indicate that the samples may be used by researchers from commercial enterprises seeking to benefit financially from the analysis of the samples. The Zürich consent does not prohibit such use. The Zürich consent form also included an "opt out" that allowed the subjects to indicate that they did not want their samples stored at the ... (Show More)

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