A Genome Wide Scan of Lung Cancer and Smoking

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The majority of cases of lung cancer are the culmination of a dynamic process that begins with smoking initiation, proceeds through dependency and smoking persistence, continues with lung cancer development and ends with progression to disseminated disease or response to therapy and survival. We are conducting a whole genome study of lung cancer and smoking to examine critical steps in lung cancer progression.

This study is a genome-wide association study (GWAS) to investigate the genetic determinants of lung cancer risk. The study design efficiently allows identification of genes that also contribute to smoking persistence and outcome from lung cancer using a single GWAS of 5,900 subjects using the primary GENEVA dataset, derived from two studies. The first is the Environment and Genetics in Lung Cancer Etiology Study (EAGLE), a population-based, biologically intensive, case-control study from the Lombardy region of Italy including ~2000 newly diagnosed lung cancer cases and ~2000 age-, gender- and region- matched controls. The second ... (Show More)

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