Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome (HAPO) Study - Maternal Glycemia and Birthweight GEI Study

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Low and high birth weight are not only major causes of neonatal morbidity and mortality, but epidemiological data have established an association between birth weight and later life risk of adult metabolic diseases. Fetal growth is determined by complex interactions between fetal genes and the maternal uterine environment. Subtle or overt variation in maternal glucose tolerance, which is, in part, genetically determined, is related to fetal size at birth. Moreover, new emerging data suggest that genetic variation in the fetus can impact maternal metabolism (e.g., blood pressure and glucose tolerance). Given the above, we are addressing the hypothesis that, during pregnancy, gene-environment interactions in the context of the maternal-fetal unit impact fetal size at birth and maternal metabolism. Genes that control fetal growth or maternal metabolism during pregnancy are largely unknown, so the first step to address our hypothesis will be to identify genetic variation that impacts fetal growth and maternal metabolism and to determine the interaction of that variation ... (Show More)

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