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POPRES version 1 and 2

Technological and scientific advances, stemming in large part from the Human Genome and HapMap projects, have made large-scale, genome-wide investigations feasible and cost-effective. These advances have the potential to dramatically impact drug discovery and development by identifying genetic factors that contribute to variation in disease risk as well as drug pharmacokinetics, treatment efficacy, and adverse drug reactions. In spite of the technological advancements, successful application in biomedical research would be limited without access to suitable sample collections. To facilitate exploratory genetic research, we have assembled a DNA resource from a large number of subjects participating in multiple studies throughout the world. This resource was initially genotyped using the Affymetrix 500K SNP panel. This project includes nearly 6,000 subjects of African American, East Asian, South Asian, Mexican, and European origin.

POPRES version 3

The discovery and development of novel drugs is challenging and with high attrition rates. ... (Show More)

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