Whole Genome Association Study of Visceral Adiposity in the Health Aging and Body Composition (Health ABC) Study

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The Health Aging and Body Composition (Health ABC) Study is a NIA-sponsored cohort study of the factors that contribute to incident disability and the decline in function of healthier older persons, with a particular emphasis on changes in body composition in old age. Between 4/15/97 and 6/5/98 the Health ABC study has recruited 3,075 70-79 year old community-dwelling adults (41% African-American), who were initially free of mobility and activities of daily living disability. The key components of Health ABC include a baseline exam, annual follow-up clinical exams, and phone contacts every 6 months to identify major health events and document functional status between clinic visits.

The core yearly examination for HEALTH ABC includes measurement of body composition by dual energy x-ray absorptio-metry (DXA), walking ability, strength, an interview that includes self-report of limitations, and a medication survey, weight. At baseline, visceral adiposity was measured by computerized tomography (CT). Provision has been made for banking of blood ... (Show More)

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