A Genome-Wide Association Study on Cataract and HDL in the Personalized Medicine Research Project Cohort

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The primary goals of this project are to develop and validate electronic phenotyping algorithms, to accurately identify cases and controls while maintaining a positive predictive value (PPV) of >95%, and to conduct a genome wide association study that advances understanding of two specific yet interrelated disease states, while simultaneously engaging the community in these research efforts. Lipid abnormalities and cataracts are both diseases of public health significance, they share common risk factors, and they are both complex diseases which likely have many genes contributing to disease development. Whole genome association studies with these two outcomes and environmental risk factors could yield novel data about the etiology of the two separate outcomes as well as their interaction.

PhenX is a project designed to prioritize Phenotypes and eXposure measures for Genome-wide Association Studies (GWAS). The PhenX Toolkit is a valuable resource for researchers who are planning or expanding a study and would like to incorporate well established measures that ... (Show More)

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