A Case-Controlled Study for Genotype-Phenotype Associations in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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phs000171 Case-Control

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This is a multi-centre, case-controlled study to develop a dataset containing 1000 MS cases and 1000 matched controls and to associate DNA sequence (allelic) variations with MS phenotypes.

Study subjects were enrolled through a prospective effort initiated in 2003. Three MS clinical centres were involved in subject recruitment and biological specimen collection using identical inclusion/exclusion criteria, two in Europe (Vrije Universiteit Medical Center, Amsterdam; and University Hospital Basel) and one in the US (University of California San Francisco). This study recruited subjects of northern-European ancestry with a diagnosis of MS (McDonald et al., 2001), with dissemination in time and space. Patients with Clinically Isolated Syndromes (CIS) were also included if they fulfilled 3 of the 4 Barkhof criteria for dissemination in space as per application of the McDonald criteria (McDonald et al., 2001). ... (Show More)

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