Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Control Copy Number Variation (CNV) Study

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We present a database of copy number variations (CNVs) detected in 2,026 disease-free individuals, using high-density, SNP-based oligonucleotide microarrays. This large cohort analyzed for CNVs in a single study using a uniform array platform and computational tools, comprises mainly of Caucasians (65.2%) and African-Americans (34.2%), We have catalogued and characterized 54,462 individual CNVs, 77.8% of which were identified in multiple unrelated individuals. These non-unique CNVs mapped to 3,272 distinct regions of genomic variation spanning 5.9% of the genome; 51.5% of these were previously unreported, and >85% are rare. Our annotation and analysis confirmed and extended previously reported correlations between CNVs and several genomic features such as repetitive DNA elements, segmental duplications and genes. We demonstrate the utility of this data set in distinguishing CNVs with pathologic significance from normal variants. Together, this analysis and annotation provides a useful resource to assist with the assessment of CNVs in the contexts of ... (Show More)

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