PREDICT-HD Huntington Disease Study

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Study Description

The purpose of this project is to make clinical measurements from the PREDICT-HD consortium available through the dbGaP mechanism. The phenotype data will first be converted into a community open standard and subsequently exported to dbGaP for archival and open access distribution of the results of the studies. This will permit members of the scientific community to utilize a permanent resource for investigating the interactions of phenotypes upon an international cohort of early Huntington Disease.

In version 2 cut of the data we provided HD CAG repeat lengths for both alleles as well as enrollment age of all participants. We have also generated unique identifiers prospectively compatible with the larger initiative GWAS in Huntington's Disease project (also on DbGaP). As such, the version 1 cut of the data was mainly proof of concept and should be deprecated. Going forward, all updates will add-on to version 2 cut of the data.

In version 3 cut of the data, we provided baseline or the first usable MRI T1-weighted imaging analysis subcortical and ... (Show More)

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