Urethral Microbiome of Adolescent Males

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Urethral microbiome of adolescent males is designed to characterize the microbial communities resident in the urethra of young men, to identify differences in these communities as a function of race/ethnicity, circumcision status, sexual exposures, and uro-genital symptoms. We collect detailed sexual behavior and symptoms data using cellular telephones with Internet access. Specimens are routinely collected at monthly intervals, and intermittently following reported symptoms, specific sexual exposures, or identification of a sexually transmitted infection. We also collect periodic samples from the penile coronal sulcus to better characterize its relationship to the urethral micriobial communities.

Participants are ages 14 - 17 at enrollment, and prior history of sexual exposure is not required for participation. Parental permission is obtained for each participant. The planned duration of followup is up to 4 years allowing for prospective observation of both physical and behavioral maturation from middle adolescence into young adulthood.

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