The Microbial Ecology of Bacterial Vaginosis: A Fine Scale Resolution Metagenomic Analysis

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Archived self-collected vaginal swabs were utilized from a pilot study of vaginal douching cessation (NIH/NIAID R03-AI061131). Thirty-nine non-pregnant, reproductive-age women who reported the use of vaginal douche products in the two months prior to screening were enrolled. Thirty-three of these successfully completed the 16-week longitudinal study. Participants self-collected vaginal swabs and smears twice weekly. We report sequences based on the analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequences amplified from whole genomic DNA isolated from the swabs. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is defined by Gram's stain of vaginal fluid (Nugent's score ≥7).

The large body of information generated will facilitate understanding of vaginal microbial community dynamics, the etiology of BV, and drive the development of better diagnostic tools for BV. Furthermore, it is hoped that the information will enable a more personalized treatment of BV and ultimately, prevent adverse sequelae associated with BV.

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