Ulcerative Colitis Human Microbiome Project (UCHMP)

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The aims of the multi-center Ulcerative Colitis Human Microbiome Project (UCHMP) are to examine the role of the enteric microbiome in causing human ulcerative colitis, specifically the development of pouchitis. Pouchitis is an inflammatory condition of the surgically-created ileoanal pouch that serves as a pseudo-rectum in patients with ulcerative colitis who have undergone a total colectomy. It is a condition unique to ulcerative colitis (UC), as it rarely occurs in non-UC patients who have the same procedure. Within one year, about 50% of patients will develop pouchitis. The condition is almost certainly due to aspects of the pouch microbiota on a background of genetic susceptibility, as most patients respond to treatment with antibiotics. While there have been reports on the microbiota in pouchitis patients, all have been performed after the inflammatory process is initiated, rendering interpretation of the results difficult, as the inflammatory process itself will change the microbiota.

Our project is therefore unique and possibly the only opportunity in the role ... (Show More)

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