STAMPEED: Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 (NFBC1966)

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The Northern Finland Birth Cohorts program (NFBC) was initiated in the 1960s in the two northernmost provinces of Finland to study risk factors involved in pre-term birth and intrauterine growth retardation, and the consequences of these early adverse events on subsequent morbidity and mortality. The uniqueness of NBFCs is that the data of the cohorts were obtained from early fetal life (including maternal health during pregnancy) to adulthood. The NFBC1966 includes 12,058 live births to mothers in the two northern-most provinces of Finland. Two decades later, a second cohort of 9432 births was obtained (NFBC1986). In NFBC1966 pregnancies were followed prospectively from the first antenatal contact (10-16th week). After birth, the offspring were examined and then again underwent clinical evaluation at ages 1y, 7y, 14-16y and 31y. At each visit, a wide range of phenotypic, lifestyle and demographic data were gathered by questionnaires and clinical examinations. For the most part, NFBC1986 has undergone similar evaluations to NFBC1966. Linkage to national registries includes ... (Show More)

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