Gene Environment Association Studies (GENEVA): Genetics of Early Onset Stroke (GEOS) Study

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The Genetics of Early Onset Stroke (GEOS) Study is a population-based case-control study designed to identify genes associated with early-onset ischemic stroke and to characterize interactions of identified stroke genes and/or SNPs with environmental risk factors such as smoking and oral contraceptive use. The GEOS study consists of 921 ischemic stroke cases with age of first stroke 16-50 years and a similar number of controls, identified from the Baltimore-Washington area. Cases and controls were recruited in 3 different time periods: Stroke Prevention in Young Women-1 (SPYW-1) conducted from 1992-1996, Stroke Prevention in Young Women-2 (SPYW-2) conducted from 2001-2003, and Stroke Prevention in Young Men (SPYM) conducted from 2003-2007. The overall GEOS sample includes 477 cases who self-reported their race as "white" and 396 cases who self-reported their race as "African American."

Traditional stroke risk factors and other study variables, including age, ethnicity, and history of hypertension, diabetes, myocardial infarction (MI), current smoking status, and current ... (Show More)

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