Genome-Wide associations of Lung Health Study (LHS)

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The 'Genome-Wide Associations Environmental Interactions in the Lung Health Study' at Johns Hopkins University aims to test for association between lung function decline as a primary outcome associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) using banked DNA and phenotype data on 4,287 European Americans from the longitudinal, multicenter Lung Health Study (LHS). The broad goals of the LungGO/ESP-GO falls into two general categories: (i) discovery of all variants (i.e., common and rare) in all protein-coding regions of the human genome (i.e., the exome) conferring risk to complex pulmonary diseases including COPD, in a subset of the LHS cohort. The Johns Hopkins University LHS cohort offers a unique opportunity to elucidate genetic variants that cause COPD.

The Lung Health Study I was a randomized multicenter clinical trial with 5887 participants carried out from October 1986 to April 1994, designed to test the effectiveness of smoking cessation and bronchodilator administration in smokers aged 35 to 60 with mild lung function impairment. Participants ... (Show More)

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