Genetic Basis of Developmental Disabilities

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Developmental disabilities are birth defects that cause lifelong problems with how a body part or system works. Developmental disabilities include nervous system insults affecting how the brain, spinal cord and nervous system function; they cause intellectual disability, including Down syndrome and fragile X syndrome; and they also cause learning and behavioral disorders, such as autism spectrum disorders. At the Kennedy Krieger Institute, approximately 450 inpatients and 13,000 outpatients are seen per year (involving 114,000 visits). For most of these disorders, the underlying molecular cause has not been identified. Some, such as chromosomal disorders, have a strongly genetic basis while others, such as traumatic brain injury, are caused by environmental insults but are nonetheless influenced by the genetic background. The purpose of the present study is to identify chromosomal abnormalities underlying a variety of developmental disabilities. The approach is to obtain blood and saliva from children, and from one or both biological parents (and in some cases from siblings ... (Show More)

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