NIDDK IBD Genetics Consortium Ulcerative Colitis Genome-Wide Association Study

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phs000345 Case-Control

Study Description

This dataset contains data for 1,028 white, non-Hispanic, European ancestry individuals with ulcerative colitis who were included in a genome-wide association study published by Silverberg et al. (2009). These individuals were ascertained in North America and selected to have either left-sided or extensive disease (i.e., individuals with proctitis only were excluded). Genotyping was performed using the Illumina HumanHap300v2 (n = 540) and HumanHap550v3 (n = 488) Genotyping BeadChips at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. Control data (not included) were obtained from the NIDDK IBD Genetics Consortium's Crohn's Disease GWAS (available from dbGaP) and from studies 64 and 65 deposited in the Illumina iControlDB.

Seven hundred eighty individuals in this dataset were taken from the NIDDK IBD Genetics Consortium cell line repository ( These individuals are identified in the file dbGaP_SubjectDS.txt. The subject IDs for ... (Show More)

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