Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Whole-Exome Sequencing of Hereditary Prostate Cancer Families

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The specific aim of this study is to identify hereditary prostate cancer (HPC) susceptibility genes using a novel study design, whereby whole-exome sequencing will be undertaken on multiple affected relatives from 19 HPC families, in which ≥ 3 affected relatives were diagnosed with clinically aggressive and/or early onset prostate cancer (PC). While whole-exome sequencing of unrelated affected individuals would result in hundreds of candidate disease variants, this family-based, aggressive/early onset phenotype approach will provide an enriched genetic background for discovery and significantly reduce the number of candidate mutations that will require follow-up. Findings from this pilot study will immediately be followed-up to confirm whether candidate mutations found in each family segregate with disease in the remaining unscreened relatives. As part of this pilot study, we aim to:

  1. Perform whole-exome sequencing on 80 affected and 11 unaffected relatives from 19 HPC families that have multiple men diagnosed with an aggressive and/or early onset disease phenotype ... (Show More)

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