Exome Sequencing for Diseases of the Immune System: X-linked Immunodeficiency with Magnesium Defect, EBV Infection, and Neoplasia (XMEN)

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The etiologies of primary immunodeficiencies often yield novel insights about the immune system. Although a genetic etiology has been suspected for patients with abnormally low CD4+ T cells in the absence of HIV infection or any known causes of lymphopenia, no genetic mutation has been described to date for any case of primary CD4 lymphopenia. In this study, we characterized a non-consanguineous family with two non-HIV infected boys exhibiting an inverted CD4 to CD8 T cell ratio and a history of recurrent chronic viral infections since birth. Consistent with a decreased thymic output of CD4+ T cells, the percentage of CD31+ cells in the CD4+ naive population of these patients was decreased. In addition, the activation of T cells was significantly impaired in the patient upon TCR stimulation. Given the mother's T cells show completely skewed X chromosome inactivation, we suspected that the nature of this disease is X-linked. We performed X-chromosome exon-capture targeted single-end Solexa sequencing on two brothers and the mother and found a ... (Show More)

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