Analysis of Somatic Mutations in Pediatric AML FAB-M7 Subtype by Whole Transcriptome Sequencing

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High resolution analysis of DNA copy number abnormalities and loss-of-heterozygosity on acute myeloblastic leukemia samples utilizing SNP arrays has demonstrated that in contrast to pediatric ALL, de novo AML is characterized by a very low burden of genomic alterations (Radtke, et al., PNAS, 2009). Samples for this study represented a cross-section of the different subtypes of pediatric AML. The only AML subtype that was an outlier from the above observations was acute megakaryocytic leukemia (AML FAB-M7), with the majority of these cases being characterized by complex chromosomal rearrangements and a high number of copy number alterations. To more fully define the genomic landscape of this subtype, we performed transcriptome sequence analysis on 14 pediatric FAB-M7 cases and mutation recurrence screening in a panel of 62 adult and pediatric AML FAB-M7 samples using the Illumina platform. Our results identified chromosomal rearrangements resulting in the expression of novel fusion transcripts in 11/14 cases. Remarkably, in 7/14 cases we detected an inversion on chromosome 16 ... (Show More)

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