Genome wide association study for early onset coronary disease and related phenotypes (ADVANCE)

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phs000423 Case-Control

Study Description

ADVANCE (Atherosclerotic Disease, VAscular functioN, and genetiC Epidemiology) is a large epidemiological study of genetic and non-genetic determinants of coronary artery disease (CAD) that started in 2000 as a collaborative effort between researchers at Stanford University and Kaiser Permanente of Northern California. The overarching goal of the study is to improve our ability to prevent, diagnose and treat CAD. The initial study included recruitment of over 3600 subjects (including 1873 subjects with incident clinically significant coronary disease and 1745 control subjects) from multiple race/ethnic backgrounds. A subset of ~ 500 subjects with very early onset coronary disease (men < 45 and women < 55) and ~ 500 similar aged controls were genotyped using the Illumina 550K platform as part of an NIH funded effort within the STAMPEED consortium.

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