University of Miami Study on Genetics of Autism and Related Disorders (AutismDisorders)

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Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are neurodevelopmental in origin and characterized by impairments in reciprocal social interaction and communication accompanied by restricted and repetitive patterns of interest or behavior. With improved surveillance and a broadening of the diagnostic criteria, the most recent prevalence studies suggest that ASD may affect as many as 1/166 children in the US. Treatments are limited resulting in little impact on the profound morbidity. Little is known about the etiology of ASD, but there is a strong genetic component. Genetic studies over the past decade have failed to identify definitive ASD genes, but have clearly shown that the underlying genetics are more complex than anticipated with the likelihood that multiple genes are acting independently and/or interactively. With this realization the field of ASD genetics is at a critical juncture. To move forward we must embrace new and creative paradigms to successfully dissect the genetic etiology of this disease. Specifically the current study will:

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