Risk Assessment of Cerebrovascular Events (RACE) Study

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This study includes 1,220 cases with young onset stroke (stroke before age 60 years) who are participants of the larger RACE study. Risk Assessment of Cerebrovascular Events (RACE) is an on-going existing case-control study of stroke now involving over 5000 imaging confirmed cases of stroke and 5000 controls, recruited from seven centers in Pakistan. The study is aimed to investigate the genetic, biomarker and lifestyle determinants of stroke and its subtypes. Cases are eligible for inclusion in the study if they: (i) are aged at least 18 years; (ii) present with a sudden onset of neurological deficit respecting a vascular territory with sustained deficit at 24 hours verified by medical attention within 72 hours after onset (onset is defined by when the patient was last seen normal and not when found with deficit); and (iii) the diagnosis is supported by CT/MRI; and (iv) present with a Modified Rankin Score < 2 prior to the stroke. Findings from patient's history, 12-lead ECG and CT or MRI of the brain. The mandatory procedures for inclusion in this investigation ... (Show More)

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