Genetics of 24 hour urine composition

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Genetic and environmental factors play an important role in the etiology of nephrolithiasis. This project will build on and extend our previous efforts (examining environmental risk factors for stone formation) by allowing us to study the risk of stone formation associated with specific genes and gene-environment interactions. We will take advantage of previously collected data in three large cohort studies: Nurses' Health Study I (n=121,000 women), Nurses' Health Study II (n=116,000 women), and Health Professionals Follow-up Study (n=51,000 men). Over a period of 17 to 26 years, information has been collected prospectively on important exposures including diet, family history, body size measures, past medical history, and medications. We have confirmed over 2000 incident cases of kidney stones in each cohort (DK59583, PI Curhan). Further, we have collected 24-hour urine samples from over 4100 stone formers and non-stone formers; the majority of participants have performed two collections. The primary objective of this project is to examine the association between single ... (Show More)

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